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Social Media

Social Media
Today, everyone is talking about social media - Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Linkedin, You Tube, Flickr, and so many more. Can you use these for your business? Should you use these for your business? Which ones? How? Where do I start?

Using social media can help you increase sales, build brand recognition, recruit new talent, and even do customer service. Of course, it can also do the opposite if you do it badly. So how do you do it right? 

“I believe there is no ‘cookie cutter’ plan a company can use in social media. Every business is different – even those in the same industry. They have different cultures, products, objectives, and vision.” - Chris Chaffin

Call us for a free consultation. We have almost 10 years of experience working with social media. We will help you figure out which sites to use and how.

There are many other social media sites. For example, You Tube, My Space, Viddler, Flickr, and so many more. We work with these and can help your business brand on them as well. First, we need to figure out which sites you should be on. We never suggest being on them all. As with any marketing, we want to target your customer demographics. Where are they? That’s where you want to be.

We can help you find where you should be and how to maximize your exposure. Email us at efarst@thefarstgroup for a free consultation.


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