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Full-Service Marketing

Full-Service Marketing
Consider this: If your marketing communication all portrayed the same message, consistently reminding your prospects and customers of your unique value, and were easy for your staff to use, how would your business be different?

Tactical marketing
Do you need a marketing department, but have no budget or full-time need to justify it? Is there a big presentation coming up that you don’t have time to prepare for, much less create? No problem. The Farst Group will act as your marketing department. We’ll make sure your company feels as though we ARE your marketing company. Tell us what you need, and we’ll exceed your expectations in every way. We have experience in:

  • Marketing communications

  • Product marketing practices

  • Tradeshow planning

  • Presentation development

  • Identifying your target market and how to best reach it

  • Promoting your business through networking to gain qualified leads

  • Effective methods for cold calling and tele-prospecting

One-stop marketing

The following design services are offered as a seamless package or as ala carte services; whatever makes the most sense for your business:

  • Web design – The Farst Group not only helps your audience find you, they also help you effectively connect to your readers.

  • Branding & Identity design – We'll match your business with a visual image and effective message, focusing on what’s different and unique about your business, working with you to improve perception, awareness and desire for your product or service.

  • Print design – We provide consistent messaging and a united look to your audience. We’ll make sure these continue the theme of your website, branding, print materials and newsletter, so prospects recognize your business immediately. We’ll also write content that immediately captures attention, sets you apart from the competition, intrigues readers to learn more, and shows prospects how to contact you.

  • E-Zine Newsletter design – One of the many strategies we will show you that will provide top-of-mind awareness for your business. The results of an effective newsletter also lead to more targeted marketing campaigns. Not sure how this is possible? Let The Farst Group show you how easy it can be.

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